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In the summer of 2019 longtime customer and employee of Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies Charlie Baron, took over the shop from former owner Steve Duhamel. With Charlie’s 5 years of experience working at the shop, and over 12 years experience in homebrew, Steve knew Charlie could carry the shop forward.

Charlie was a founding member and 4 term president of the Rhode Island Brewing Society (RIBS), a statewide club for homebrewers. He is an avid homebrewer with over 12 years of experience in beer, cider, mead and wine. He spent the last 5 years working part time at BVBS to learn from Steve and homebrewers from all over the state.

While Charlie’s favorite homebrew style may be a traditional English, he can help you build any recipe you can dream. Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies prides itself on quality ingredients, a wide variety of stock and years of knowledge.

Never compromising on quality BVBS has one of the largest selections of malt, hops, yeast in the state. Offering the full Whitelabs catalog, Omega and Bootleg biology selections. Yeast can only get you so far, you are going to need some malt too! BVBS has quality ingredients from maltsters like Weyermann, Crisp, Breiss and the list goes on. How are you going to make a clean balanced Pilsner or a big juicy IPA without hops? BVBS has you covered, offering over 60 different varieties from all over the world. All this in one place and stock rotated regularly to ensure freshness. Beer has always been our passion but also offering wine, cider, and mead making supplies.


Since 1997 Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies (BVBS or “The Shop”) has been offering quality ingredients and superior service to home brewers. Started by Steve Duhamel who left to buy caps and returned with a home brew shop, Steve grew the small store into a Rhode Island landmark for home brewers. Steve brought his welcoming personality and knowledge to all customers. His mantra of “knowledge is not yours unless you share it.” This simple phrase has been the cornerstone of the shop, you will always be treated like our closest friends and leave there with helpful advice. Steve has done numerous beer shows showcasing what can be made at home and coached some of Rhode Island’s top brewers.

In 2019, longtime employee and homebrewer Charlie Baron took over the shop to continue the tradition of homebrew. In 2011, Charlie and friends formed The Rhode Island Brewing Society (RIBS), and was a 4 term president. Staying an active member of the club for many years and working with Steve at the shop Charlie had a great opportunity to get first hand knowledge of running the business while also learning from some great brewers and customers. BVBS is here to help you be the best brewer you can be!