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It had been about 8 months since I last brewed. There is no better form of meditation quite like laying out your ingredients, choosing the proper tunes, and heating the strike water. I am a home brewer just like yourselves, I love seeing the creativity of our customers and of the folks in the forums and blogs I read. This spark of creativity is why I started carrying a rotating grain for people to play with and added some yeasts like the Philly Sour and cool products from Bootleg Biology.

If anyone knows me they know my love of classic styles. I specialize in English styles in particular, but I have a strong love of German styles as well. I couldn’t think of a better beer to make after months of not brewing than a porter. Using the Irish Ale malt as my base and the Whitelabs Bedford British yeast (WLP006) the beer started taking form. I really like the flavor of most English hops as the fruity and woodsy tones really just check all the right boxes for me, so using English Progress and East Kent Goldings was no question.

The tasting notes are subtle sweetness with roasty chocolate back bone that doesn’t over stay its welcome. The hops add just the right amount of balance that keeps you coming back for more and with this beer coming in at ~4.5% you are more than welcome to take the lion’s share.

Recipe Details

Batch SizeBoil TimeIBU
10.560 mins39.9
26.3 1.045 1.0104.6%


Irish Ale Malt15 lbs83.9%
Crystal 601 lb5.6%
Chocolate malt1 lb5.6%
Caramalt8 oz2.8%
Black Malt6 oz2.1%


NameAMTTimeUseAlpha %
English Progress3oz60 minsBoil5.8%
English Progress2oz30 minsBoil5.8%
East Kent Goldings1oz5 minsBoil5%
East Kent Goldings1oz14 daysDry Hop5%


Bedford British