Draft and Kegging

Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies offers cornelius kegs, beer faucets, shanks, taps, tubing, regulators, distributors and all manner of small parts to create the draft system of your dreams.

Custom draft towers can be built with specialized faucets for any beer style

We sell new ball lock Cornelius kegs in 2.5 and 5 gallon sizes and parts for pin lock kegs

You are going to need something to move your brew
2.5lb, 5lb, and 10lb Co2 tanks equipped with the right regulator can make that easy


Having a party or an event? We can custom order and build a draft system you can take with you

We will work with you to troubleshoot existing systems or even upgrade your home brewing setup.

If you have questions either give us a call or bring the problematic parts in for some advice, after all nothing is worse than a foamy keg!

Draft Equipment Rental


Need a draft solution immediately?  We offer fully equipped jockey boxes ready for any event.

We have a selection of jockey boxes, co2 tanks, and keg couplers available to rent


  • Single and Multi tap Jockey boxes*

  • 5lb co2 tanks

  • Keg couplers for US, Euro and German kegs

* Jockey Box rental includes Faucets, Tap Handles, Co2 Tank with Regulator, Spare White Washers, and the appropriate Keg coupler. Homebrew ball lock and pin lock connections are available upon request.


Take a moment and fill out the form below.  Please include the equipment you will need and the dates you will need it.

All rental equipment require a security deposit that is refunded upon return and inspection of equipment.


*Required field